New Member Information

The Kicad Forum uses the Discourse program to operate.
To understand this system, please read the information in this link:

As a new user (Level 0 - New), there are many restrictions, among which are:

  • Only one image may be posted
  • No attachments may be posted.

To post multiple images and/or attachments, the new member needs to achieve (Level 1 - Basic).
Level 1 is achieved by opening and reading at least Thirty different posts in at least Five different Topics for at least Ten minutes AFTER joining the forum.

Please note: Discourse Trust Levels are not transferable between different forums.

Further links to the Discourse site are displayed below. These are guides for how to use the various functions on the Kicad Info. Forum and Trust Level abilities.
NOTE: some Trust Level abilities have been modified by Administration.

Welcome, new member.