This category is meant for questions around how to create a PCB layout.


This category is meant for discussing the software itself, specifically how to build it from source, problems with versions and other quirks you are finding with the software. As a general rule, if you see an error box, you should post it in this category.


This category is meant for questions around how to create schematics.

External Plugins

This category is to discuss external plugins like the KiCost, KiPart, the KiCad BOM Wizard Plugin and other Python or otherwise written tools. Please keep those contained here, including support requests (tagging the author if necessary using the '@' symbol and then their name)


Sometimes you want to talk about the projects you're working on. Sometimes it will be relevant to because it will be so tightly coupled to the program, especially as the design is starting to take shape. Use this category to talk about projects, but try to mention how KiCad is playing a part in the design.


This category is meant for posts/discussions about KiCad. Please avoid grandstanding or using this as a forum to post about why things need to change. If you have a feature request, post it in the appropriate category.


The manufacturing category is meant to apply to any post about when your KiCad files are complete and you're ready to send off to get made. Also it could be questions about assembly services or integrating your board into a larger product.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This is where we capture the most frequently asked questions. Moderators and long time users of the KiCad forum can add new posts to this category (or move poignant questions into it). If new users see a topic that should be in the FAQ category, please let one of them know.