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General topics

I think I found a bug? Now what?

Where is the official documentation?

Cheat sheet

Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?

Is there a ‘quick start’ Youtube video I can check out?

Where are the 3rd party plugins?

How to run v5 and v4 on the same machine (windows only)

Managing your projects

How to crate a bill of materials (BOM)?

Advanced version control with git


How can i install a specific version of the footprint library?

What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

How does KiCad know which symbol pin is connected to which pad of the footprint?

How to assign a footprint to a symbol

Creating a new footprint library

How can i make a footprint (from scratch)?

How do i know a footprint fits my part?


What is the difference between opengl and other canvases?

Why does my zone not fill?

What is the meaning of the layers in pcb_new and the footprint editor

How do I get started doing my own scripts in pcbnew?
[and here] [and here]

How do I ‘panalize’ in Kicad?
[more] [Using mouse bites]

Mechanical CAD integration and 3d models

Why are through holes covered with copper in the 3d viewer?

How do I start with 3D modeling and what is this STEPUP I keep reading about on the forum?

KiCad stepup capabilities demonstarion (MCAD integration)

EESchema and symbol editor

IMPORTANT: Symbol Library Table Merged into Development Branch

Why does the ERC give a ‘pin not driven’ error?
Error Type 3 - Pin connected to some other pins but no pin to drive it.

What do the electrical types for symbol pins mean?

About power symbols (Specifically about ground symbols)

Carrying BUS connections to new sheets


Tutorial for getting started with ngspice in Kicad Eeschema.
Tutorial discussion thread

Ngspice does not behave the way I expect. Now what?

Adding a spice model to a symbol (Example for a transistor)

General guidelines

Guidelines for good schematics

Panalization of Gerber files


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