Struggeling with Symbol Library Editor


where do I find up to date documentation on how to use the KiCAD5 symbol library editor?
I have found that the menus for managing libraries described in the official documentation are non-existent in KiCAD5.

Have a look at the screenshot in this doc:

The screenshot is from KiCAD4 and as said the menu symbols like “Load symbol from currently selected library for editing.” are non-existent in KiCAD5.

I have long used the 2009 version of KiCAD and now want to finally switch to KiCAD5. But now, I can’t figure out how to pick an existing symbol from an existing symbol library, modify it and save it to a new library.

Please help!

P.S. Even the KiCAD5.1.5 Symbol Editor Help Menu opens a document with KiCAD4 screenshots, menus and documentation!

Unfortunately the documentation is partly outdated. The reason is that it’s made by volunteers in their free time, just like the program itself, and the program has been more important than the documentation. You can find up-to-date articles in the FAQ especially sections Library, Footprints and Symbols.

Right click at element in tree-view.

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