Panelizing gerbers

I recently wanted to panelize a couple designs into a gerber set.

The answer is easy, but there are some gotchas. I did a writeup here:

Here’s the short answer:

This hackaday tutorial is almost enough.

If you run on linux, you need to use a side version attached to this ticket Here is a direct link to the download

you need to rename the gm1 file generated by pcbnew’s plot to gko
you need to rename the drl file to txt
you need to use the “use protel extensions” option.

hope it helps

Thanks for the tips on getting the panelizer running!

Regarding your question of PCB manufacturers who will let you panelize without charging, is one that I’ve used. I also heard from someone else that Seeed was allowing it again but I have no first-hand knowledge.

Definitely something that comes up often so I’ve linked to the FAQ.

Reminder. The FAQ is actually a thread but is a WIKI style so anyone with the appropriate permissions can edit anything in there, including the index page. I think, but am not sure, that if you can seen and access the lounge area, you have the appropriate permissions. My index was only to get the ball rolling and by no means sacred.