Beginner's guide to KiCad

I am new to KiCad and had a problem with the tutorial (Beginner’s guide to KiCad). I am sked to:

From within EeSchema, click on Preferences -> Component Libraries

but I dont get what is shown in the guide. Instead I get “Manage Symbol Libraries” and when I click that i get what is shown in the attached screen dump.

My question is: is there a newer tutorials or is what I have done OK and is that all the libraries there are?
best regards

The tool you describe is from version 4. Meaning the tutorial is outdated. (If they do not explicitly state that it is for version 4 maybe request them to include this info somehow.)

Regarding library management for version 5 take a look at: Library management in KiCad version 5

The FAQ section of the tutorial is generally a good start: (Start Here) Frequently Asked Questions

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