Adding Components

I Add a Library I add 1 component then a second different component. the first component change to ??
Can someone help

i fear you will have to get a bit more specific.
What version of kicad are you using and what librarie? Have you build them yourself or is it one of the default ones you use?
Wat exactly changes to ?? the whole component as if it cant be found or just the annotation label?
Your schematic and libraries you use will be helpful as well as pictures, but you may have to supply them over third party services since you are new to the forum.
The files are just to reproduce your result, they don’t have to contain any sensible data, just give a minimal example.

Version 5.1.5-3 SamacSys.lib from Mouser. the first component change to ?? when i add second component.

The component name stays but symbol changes to ?? in yellow box

That’s a problem with your library setup. There are quite many moving parts, so without more details it’s difficult to say what went wrong. Maybe some of the FAQ articles will help, in section Library and Symbols: (Start Here) Frequently Asked Questions.

Especially this: Library management in KiCad version 5

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