I found a bug. What now?

As this is a user forum, the users here can only try to offer a workaround for your problem not a fix. This means there might be a reason to post here but make it clear that you ask for help fixing your problem via a workaround.

Bug in the software

To help the kicad development effort it is suggested to post your bug description over at the bugtracker.
A detailed explanation on how this is done can be found in the report a bug section of the KiCad website.

Another detailed description about how to use GitLab’s bug report system is found in the “Report a bug” section of the FAQ article How can I help improve KiCad?

I want to suggest a new feature:

Make a bug report that explains your feature as well as possible. Highlight the benefits you think this feature will bring to all users.
Mark your bug as a feature request by adding the wishlist tag.

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Where is the right place to get in touch with a KiCAD Dev?

Bug in the official library

The library is split into four repos on gitlab. Report the problem in the appropriate repo via a gitlab issue.

Suggestions for changes in the kicad library convention can be done in the same repos. (Choose the one that you think fits best with your suggestion.) If it is a general point about the klc that does not fit any of the above repos then you can also report it directly to the website repo. In such cases please tag the issue as “library” and mention that the issue is about the KLC.

The library does not contain my component.

The kicad library does not claim to be able to include all possible parts. The library team can not accept requests for footprint/symbol creation. If your component does not exist in the lib, then you will need to either find someone who makes it for you (might cost some money) or make it your self. (Knowing how to create a footprint and symbol from a datasheet is a vital skill) If you are lucky the manufacturer of your component or a third party library offer the library part you need.
For footprint creation we have a helpful tutorial here in the FAQ

If you are willing to share your freshly created component with other users you are of course welcome to create a pull request on the appropriate repo. Just make sure you follow the kicad library convention (within reason).

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While I realize that many of you will not have time to produce such well-engineered bug reports, I did want to point out what the gold-standard looks like: