Searching for the symbol of TDA1562

I am looking to add a TDA1562 to my library. Where do I go to find this symbol and how do I go about adding it to my library? I have a .lib file already. Do I need more than that?

Regarding your question: at least provide a link to the datasheet of the part.

Regarding your withdrawn questions have a look at the FAQ (Start Here) Frequently Asked Questions especially:

There is an import feature in the symbol and footprint editors. (Both as a button in the top toolbar and as an entry in the file menu)

Thank you Rene, I will look into the information you have provided. In the meantime, here is a link to the TDA1562 amplifier IC.

@bwilliams60 it is likely that there will not be a TDA1562 Symbol; and maybe just a little unlikely that there will be a Footprint for this part.

The manufacturers internal schematic of the electrical Symbol is provided on Page_19 in the .PDF file you linked to.

And, I don’t have a use for parts with those type of Footprints; maybe someone else will help with this.

I have a TDA1562q.lib file. I think I have installed it into my library and I believe it to be a footprint. Still trying to figure this all out. I just want to put two side by side and then run the pins to 17 connection points each. I will figure it out eventually. Some of it is starting to come back to me.

.lib is not a kicad footprint file. If it is a kicad file at all then it can only be a symbol.

OKay good to know. So I have started to create my own symbol for this IC. The IC itself has staggered legs. Do I draw the symbol in the symbol editor the same way or will I do this somewhere else?

Typically a schematic is the abstract view of the function of a system. This then means that the symbol is also drawn to do just that. (But kicad does not care so do what you want.)
(See faq topic linked above)

Okay I created the symbol and added the library to my audio amplifier portion of the global library. I see it in the library now in symbol editor but now when I go to close the editor it asks if I want to save changes. If I say yes, it says I do not have permission. I hit okay and it goes to save it with the amplifier audio filename again in Kicad symbol libraries. Not sure how to get out and get back to next step
If I go to schematic and place component, it is not there.

Do not add personal symbols to the system libs. You will lose your additions on the next kicad update. Create personal libs for personal additions.

Okay I see it in my symbol library now. Can I remove it and how do I create a library for this symbol so I can pull it into my schematics

Take a look at the how to make a symbol tutorial already posted above. It handles everything including how to make a new symbol lib and also how to copy symbols from one lib to another.

Does this look right so far? I removed KiCAD and reinstalled to replenish the proper library in case I corrupted it.
Now I go to symbol editor and add new symbol? Sorry the tutorial bounces around a lot.

There is a specialized tutorial just for making new libraries and symbols (it is linked in the larger tutorial but i assume you missed it) Creating a new symbol library and a new symbol in KiCad 5

Okay just watched a quick video by Contextual Electronics and got it all figured out. Okay so I have my symbol made and saved and inserted into my schematic. This thing has 17 pins and the board I want to build will have those 17 pins just running to 17 connection points. Nothing more. How do i make connection points and attach and number them? The connection points will just have 22 guage wire soldered to them,

One option is to use a footprint from the connector wire library (the one with the correct hole diameter for your wire.)
On the schematic side just use a generic connector symbol (With the same pin count as your selected footprint).

And you might want to read this: How to connect a wire to the PCB?

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