Post-v5 new features and development news


I thought many would be interested in the development status and new features of pre-v6/post-v5 now when 5.1.0 has been released and version 6 development has begun. Add your favorite here if someone else hasn’t done it already.

Note: at the moment the developent versions are named “5.1.0-n-g…” (where n is some number) instead of the older more misleading “6.0…”.

KiCad V5.1.0 New Undocumented (curious uncertain) Features?

Chamfered pads.


“Chamfer size” 29,3% seems to be close enough to make an octagon.

This feature is apparently not compatible with v5, so if you use it you have to stay in nightly builds. It’s like rounded rectangles were for v5 after v4.

Edit: this is also possible with chamfered pad because it has also rounding, actually it’s like a rounded rectangle + chamfers.


The more powerful bus handling will also be a good addition.

But to be honest the feature i await the most is the new schematic and symbol file format. (And yes i am aware that it will take a while till we get that one.)


For information, where did you get such a nightly with this dvpt feature ? The latest I get from is still tagged as 5.1.0-9-blah (project manager) and 5.1.0-rc2-47-blah (eeschema and pcbnew).


I pulled from git master and compiled on linux. If not yet there, it should be in the next nightly build.


2019-03-11T23:37:50.290Z 898.9 MB kicad-r12510.c61ec8ee3-x86_64.exe

This is 5.1.0-9-gc61ec8ee3. The version number scheme was changed when v6 development started. It’s a bit better than 6.0-…, at least it doesn’t give impression of v6 which is probably some years in the future. Personally I would prefer 5.1.0+n…, it would be a bit clearer, or maybe 5.2 (which would then be reserved only for development).


Unless I got an install issue, the nightly you’re pointing to has the project manager as version 5.1.0-9-gc61ec8ee3. but eeschema, pcbnew, 3d viewer, etc. are 5.1.0-rc2-47-g6eb84e42f which is a bit confusing. Anyway, no chamfered pads in this nightly. Will wait next night :wink:

BTW, the symbol library browser doesn’t display any version information when using Help / About eeschema… Probably a bug.


Everything works properly for me with that nightly build, including chamfered pads.

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