Pcbnew Title Block & Text Color

The title block when using Pcbnew is a very deep “red” color, difficult to see on the black screen when adding notes and such. I’m still using a fairly old version (5.1.7) as I never seem to have the time to spend towards installing and learning the current offerings. Is there a way of changing the title block and text colors such as provided in Eeschema?

Thanks, Maw

Hi @Maw

The title block and drawing sheet border colors are very easy to change in 7.0.9 (the current Kicad version) with Preferences > colors.

I honestly can’t remember if this function was available in 5.1.7.
Noticing the lack of replies, I think many others do not remember either. :slightly_frowning_face:

I remember changing it but not whether it was in v6 or v5. I think it involved making a writable copy of the worksheet file. However in v7 the drawing sheet is a more visible colour, so you now have one more reason to upgrade.

Just to entice you:

The basics for using the program haven’t changed. You’ll notice new Icons; otherwise, lots and lots of new features.

There are 42 (a nice number in this universe :slightly_smiling_face:) colors in the Schematic that can be changed, including the item shown with the green arrow.

KiCad V5.1.7 is now over 3 years old.

And the amount of changes / improvements in these 3 years is astounding. Back then KiCad was still quite rough in some areas and now it is maturing. An important improvement is that now all files are based on S-expressions, and all used schematic symbols are now saved inside the schematic itself. If you want to migrate KiCad V5 projects to V6 or later, make sure you have the [Project]-cache.lib file available. The Icon change in V6 was a big thing that needs getting used to, and there are hundredths of new features and small changes. the interactive router is for example constantly being tweaked and it’s algorithms work better in subtle ways. You can scroll though the next two threads for an overview of changes:

And in a few months (Expected February 2024) KiCad V8 is expected:

Thanks to all that responded, I’ll make the changeover to the most recent release during the holiday “shutdown”.

Cheers, Mark

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