Feature requests: Colored tracs and better eeschema and pcb new integration



It would be great to have these features :

  • Customize track color. Not all the layer, but only a signal. I particularly use this feature to trace power tracks.
  • Component multi select on schema to footprint multi select on PCB. Usefull to select electronic function parts in schema and move them on PCB.

Thanks for the great job !
Regards, Pierre

Post-v5 new features and development news

What exactly do you mean? Changing the color of tracks in pcbnew independent of other copper items? Or changing the color of track segements belonging to a certain net?

This works partly, namely with hierarchical sheets. Context menu on a footprint which belongs to a hierarchical sheet -> Select -> Items in Same Hierarchical sheet. But I have longed for a more flexible way to define groups of fooprints, it would certainly be handy.


Hello eelik, sorry for posting in the wrong topic, topic title was confusing me.

The second choice “changing the color of track segements belonging to a certain net”. When I route power tracks or copper zone in pcbnew, it could be attractive to see which pads I have to reach. With many power nets, it’s easier to color each one with different colors to draw complementary copper zones.

Thanks for the trick, I didn’t know. I agree with you for a more flexible way. Currently with new designs, I select each part one by one on schema to group footprints by function on PCB.

Regards, Pierre


Colored ratsnest would help, and it is under consideration, so it might come in V6