Index post for External Plugins section

This post is a permanent placement for finding official threads related to external plugins. These will be wiki’d posts that allow the plugin author to maintain an ongoing dialog about their plugin.

These will included, but will not be limited to:

  • New releases
  • Announcement about plugin features
  • Initial announcement of the plugin

Symbol Creation

  • uConfig
    extract pinout from PDF datasheet and create Kicad schematics.
  • imgui
    generate kicad schematic symbols using a graphical tool


  • KiCost
    script for generating part-cost spreadsheets for circuit boards
  • Interactive Html Bom
    tool designed to assist with hand assembling pcbs
  • Kicad Tools
    You can visualise a bom in .xml and you can export it in pdf.
  • KiCad-BOM-reporter
    A script that mediates between KiCad and Partkeeper

Layout helpers

Mechanical CAD integration

Footprint generation

Other Plugin Organization Efforts:


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