KiKit: Panelization and Automation for KiCAD

I have written a simple tool for panelization & other automation for KiCAD. It is called KiKit ( and I think some of you might find it useful.

The library provides primitives for PCB substrate manipulation and therefore allows for easy panelization. There is a CLI as KiKit is meant mainly as a tool called from Makefile or in continuous integration. So by issuing a simple command, you get your panel. If the CLI is limiting you, you can write few lines of Python and design whatever panel you want. It also provides you with simple commands to export Gerbers & zip them.

To see what KiKit does, see demo project at and its website (generated by KiKit): The demo project contains three boards designed in a single file (to easily verify their dimensions match & to share schematics). KiKit is used to split these boards in separate board files and generates panels. Then it also automatically generates a website, where you can preview all the board files and download related resources.

The tool is still under development and especially the documentation is rather poor. But I am trying to improve it over time. Give it try and if you find yourself in trouble, let me know. If you find a bug, please, open an issue on GitHub


Please include KiKit in the list of third-party KiCad tools so others can find it after this initial announcement is long forgotten.

One problem maintaining an index like Index post for External Plugins section is the “& other”. Would you like to do a summary of what you would like to see as a brief description in the index?

I think the intro section of README & feature list summarises it nicely. Or is not descriptive enough?

There is another panelization plugin being developed here:

Presently it is said to work with rectangular boards, but the developer says he thinks of making it work with other shape boards too.
I haven’t tried it out yet.
Maybe it would be interesting to compare them?

I watch it. I consider KiKit more mature & capable. The only downside of KiKit (for some users) might be the lack of GUI.

I used the wxFormBuilder and wxPython (used in most of Pcbnew action plugins) to design the KiCost GUI.
The InteractiveHtmlBom have a nice GUI example.

The initial post is now a ‘wiki’ so you can make updates to it after the normal ‘thread lock’ period.

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