KiCad-BOM-reporter Version 1.3

A new version of
KiCad-BOM-reporter was released.
A script that mediates between KiCad and Partkeepr.

This version supports matching footprints, so SMT and THT resistors can be matched differently. But also their sizes off course.

Also it support an extra report that shows the BOM grouped/sorted by storage location.

The new version also supports multi function parts (IC’s). At such part the functions it contains can be mentioned. Like 2 AND ports and 2 OR ports. This information can be even used in matching. But is especially handy when generating descriptions as well.


I think this version has matured enough to be of use to more people doing their design in KiCad.

Feel free to ask questions, or to give your opinion.

The tool that runs the BOM script can also be used to perform project calculations and SCPI communication.
When doing project calculations, the results can be written in a output file. If that file exist, the calculated values are shown in the designator report. In that way it is easy to check wether the schematic values differ from which were calculated.
The method of calculating values I use is detailed and very structured (and therefore a bit time consuming). But it also results in good oversight in how values are derived. I know whether they -or the values they are based upon- are chosen, calculated, taken from a datasheet etc. If something needs to be changed in the design. It’s therefore more easy to change the calculations as well and more clear what to change. Sometimes all it takes is to let new values cascade through the calculations.

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