Where are the momentary bush-button switches located?


Trying to locate momentary switches like the ones used on Arduinos.
What library are they in ?

Thanks !

Not much parts in the library? Microchip PIC family almost completely missing?

There are two libs that could have your switches. (I would need more details of what you need to check it.)
Buttons_Switches_THT and Buttons_Switches_SMD


Symbols are in Switches.lib


You might try SW_SPST_B3S-1100 in Buttons_Switches_SMD.pretty for a starter.


I’m obviously missing something…

In eeschem I only see analog_switches…
No other buttons/switches listed.

Yes, I’m new at KiCad.


Maybe you don’t have the current libs added to the fp-lib-table.
(you can test that by opening the footprint editor and trying to select the “missing” lib as your working lib. If it does not exist in this list, you don’t have it in the table)

How to get all current libs from github into your fp-lib-table:

Open pcb_new or the footprint editor.
open the libary wizard:
preferences->footprint library wizard

In the window that opens select from github and make sure the text field contains: https://github.com/KiCad
If you always want the newest footprints deactivate save local copy.
(Otherwise this tool will download the current libs and add this local copy to the fp-lib-table. If you want that you need to first delete all old entries from the table. for that you can use the library manager in the preferences menu.)
press next
select all (or only the libs you want, depends on your preferences.)
finish the dialog. (press next a few times until you can press finish.)

If the libs are in the fp-lib-table

Another option why you can not assign the footprints is if you use cvpcb and have some filter enabled.


I updated all footprints yesterday.

Allow me to clarify…
I haven’t gotten to the point of assigning footprints to the schematic, yet.
I’m just trying to find a switch to place on the schematic.


Ok scrap my first answer.
I get it now. The switch symbols are in device.lib

The switches.lib exists on github and should be provided by the latest kicad version (4.0.6)
You can also download it yourself if you want:

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@Rene_Poschl: now I’m confused. I have them in switches.lib. Rotary encoders are in the device.lib (lord knows why), but not switches.


@grpace: maybe you check the libraries you have loaded. Goto Part Library Editor->Preferences->Components libraries.
There all SYMBOL libraries KiCad is aware of are listed. You can also “Add” one there.


Symbol libs are not updated automatically from github.
I think between 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 the library has been reorganized.

If he has not installed the latest kicad version or the package he is using does not supply the latest library, he has them still in devises.lib

If you either use nightly or 4.0.6 and always update the library you of course have the current state of the lib


@Rene_Poschl likes to get confused between symbols and footprints, and then spread that confusion to everyone else :slight_smile:

SYMBOL (component) = EESCHEMA


If we don’t nail this, it’s only going to get more confusing later.


@Rene_Poschl: No. When installing a nighty, I only install the help files, nothing else.

But then you are right: I recently pulled down the current SYMBOL libraries.
Will never do that again in the future. I am one of the guys working with their own libraries and
using the KiCad libs as a base or even unchanged, where they suit me.



I’m on Linux/Ubuntu. In eeschem, I had to navigate to /usr/share/kicad/libraries and add the switches.lib for the schematic. Switches now show up as a choice for placing components.

But why did I have to do this ?
Why aren’t they included by default ?

Elecromagnetic switch (Relay)

Well i looked into it a bit. The switches.lib was created after release 4.0.4 but before 4.0.5 so it should already be included in 4.0.5 and 4.0.6.
(It exists since october last year.)


@grpace: oh, sorry. I’m all Windows.


The symbol libraries that are automatically added to every new project you create are determined by what is listed in the standard template file located (in linux) under /usr/share/kicad/template/kicad.pro
If you add the symbols.lib to this file (using a text editor) it will be added to every project you create from now on. (Otherwise you will need to do this for every new project you create.)

Well maybe @SchrodingersGat or @jkriege2 know about that.
I don’t even know where this standard template lives on github. (It is not in the kicad library repo under templates where i would have expected it to be)

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.[quote=“Rene_Poschl, post:18, topic:5695”]
the standard template file located (in linux) under /usr/share/kicad/template/kicad.proIf you add the symbols.lib to this file (using a text editor) it will be added to every project you create from now on.
Then that would require me editing that file as “root”.


Well, maybe don’t have to edit it as “root”.
Just loaded the file. Here’s what I see in the libraries section:


Yes, I would have to edit it as “root”.
Tried making changes… Can’t save it as a normal user.

1st… Where/what would I edit to make this happen ?
2nd… Shouldn’t have to do this.
3rd… Forcefully making changes as “root” in Linux is generally not a good idea.
4th… Will the edits remain intact after a version upgrade ?