Windows only footprint generators in Linux for Kicad (
digikey as well, offer schematic symbols and layout footprints for download, with their installed software package, which only works with Windows 7 or greater.
I don’t do Windows! Using KiCad successfully under Ubuntu Linux.
I have a Windows machine on my local area network.
Does anyone know how to cobble this together, without having to run KiCad in Windows?

You shouldn’t really need those programs to download and use the components, see e.g. Mouser library loader on linux. As far as I know, those applications only make installing the libraries easier.

If you really want to use those applications, you could try using them through Wine.

If you use the SamacSys Library Loader, see also Schematic Symbols disappear all the time (KiCad unusable).

I did install the digikey libraries on my Linux box once out of curiousity, and they did work but I removed them again shortly after.