[SOLVED] How do I override +3.3V with local label?

I added a local label here, intending to ensure that only a few traces get created with wider widths automagically. But in pcbnew the local label does not show up. It is apparently overriden with the +3.3V connection. I see here that this is a known behavior; whether bug or feature I am not sure.

Is there a way to override this? I can edit the trace widths manually but am wondering if there’s a way to make this happen automagically.

No, in KiCad all parts of a net share the same label.

A workaround is to use a “net-tie” to connect nets, then you can split it into sections and assign different trace widths. Searching here for net-tie should provide more details…

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But I have noticed that one label such as +3.3V always takes precedence. So the question was more about how to change the precedence. But net-tie sounds like it would work.

I think KiCad picks one label, I’m not sure what the algorithm is. It could be based on the order in the file, or whatever order it ends up in memory.

There is no precedence as such, so you can’t change it, unless I guess you figure out the internal algorithm, even then it wouldn’t be guaranteed stay the same.

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Got it.

Just tried net-tie and that’s the solution. I remembered that I needed to isolate just these power traces, so simply changing the width wouldn’t work.

For reference, the precedence for generating net names from labels is, from lowest priority to highest priority:

  1. The name of a pin on a non-power component
  2. A local label
  3. A heirarchical label
  4. A pin label (i.e. the “+3.3V” from a power pin)
  5. A global label

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