Simple Simulation (opamp) failing.. tell me what I'm doing wrong

Clearly my opamp isn’t working. I’m using the OPAMP out of the pspice librarly (although confused, because there’s also an OPAMP in the “Simulation_SPICE” librarly (which also doesn’t seem to work). Maybe it’s my power connections?

When running the simulation I’m getting:

u1 0 net-_r4-pad2_ net-_r5-pad2_ vcc vdd opamp
Unable to find definition of model vcc - default assumed
unknown parameter (vdd) 

Thanks for the help… I just want to simulate a few filters.

An Opamp model for ngspice simulation is missing.

Please have a look at, especially at

See also the example for a Sallen-Key-Filter at KiCad\share\kicad\demos\simulation\sallen_key.

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Yikes! I super appreciate everything that KiCad has become and all of the work that has gone into making it a very useable PCB design and schematic capture program.

But if that is the level of nerdery that is required just to get an op-amp working in the simulator, then I will need to find another simulation program. I was previously using LTSpice but because drawing a schematic was so different than KiCad I always had to re-learn everything, so the idea of EESchema doing some simulations for me was ideal… but I will have to wait until this feature matures and improves. I appreciate you offering help though, thank you.

This could be a useful approach

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