Rules for projects section?

I saw someone else asking for help with a design question with their project, so I thought I’d put up a question I had with my own ongoing project design…

…but my thread was deleted?


The question was purely an electronics design matter (logic decoding) and nothing at all to do with KiCad or PCBs. There are design forums out there far more appropriate.

Sometimes threads get diverted into design matters, but it is not encouraged to keep the signal to noise on this forum good.

Then what do you call the op-amp thread!!!

Maybe the op-amp thread has attracted so few contributions because it really has nothing to do with PC design.

If you are talking about this one, it did involve KiCads ngspice interface, so a tenuous connection at least.

It becomes a moderation issue. When I joined it was easy to read all of the posts. Now just keeping eyes on everything to ensure civility is quite the task. Yes, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here so there is the urge to tap that. Some overlap is inevitable. Perhaps closing the thread with an explanation would have been a better route?

In my opinion deletion of whole threads should only be done in extreme cases such as obvious spam or deliberate insults or other abuse.

adding some texts as “locked, offtopic” and then locking it may have been just fine depending on what was written of course.

It is always debatable. People who post spam or get too abusive get suspended or deleted. Clearly this case did not need any such action.
In the past we have had complaints about off subject posting because we have members on very limited cellular data plans. You cannot please everyone all of time

Damnation is the burden the moderator must bear.

Oh, woe; woe is thy moderator.

A simple ‘closing the thread as off-topic’ would have sufficed.

Killing a fly with a sledgehammer tends to discourage participation.

Sorry, if my thread was causing a debate. I did not believe that I broke any rules by my posting.

This project started off as me getting familiar with KiCad’s and its simulation front-end, which was reflected in the initial thread. The follow-up thread was meant to keep the discussion going and explore more on designing circuits in KiCad. While working on this project, I discovered some additional SPICE model libraries [1], which helped me arrive at the design I am about to post last. So I can mark that thread solved.


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