Poll: should KiCad support hop-over or not?

Because this seems to be the most important thing ever to decide for the future of KiCad, here’s a poll. See for example How to add crossover or hop over at wire junction? and Junction Dots and hop-overs. Comparison of programs.

  • KiCad should support hop-overs in schematics (optionally)
  • KiCad shouldn’t support hop-overs
  • I don’t care

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But you do not have a survey survey to see who wants a pie chart and who wants a bar chart and who does not care? Pie tastes better! :slight_smile:

Are you absolutely certain about this?
Maybe we need another poll to decide the importance of this decision?

Finally, no one seems to be interested in duck-unders: maybe another poll?

If we do that then we will also need to discuss goose-unders. But I do not remember ever having a goose fly under me.

I think that our good friend eelik is not being completely serious here. No, no, no! Cannot accept that! :slight_smile:

Ahhh, all poultry answers. Or polltry answers? :wink:

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I’ve had both ducks and geese fly under me. But then, I’m a pilot.

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Any votes for clover leafs or roundabouts?

I have eaten clover leaves. Better leave them for the cows and rabbits.

Clover leafs are not a bad idea.
Three leaf for junctions and four for crossover? That would kill off both the debate over dots AND hops.
Of course we would need both smooth and frilly edge types, and a variety of colours would help with the artistic impact.

Roundabouts would make a nice common earth especially if they came in rainbow colours and revolved.

I like the idea of roundabouts with many entries and no exits.

While we are at it, we should give equal opportunities to trains and trams. Why should buses get all the use? :crazy_face:

One schematic with dots and hops :smiley:


Oh goodie!

I spy a four leaf clover in that quagmire.

Turntables… Push and shove turntables. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is one of the funniest threads I’ve read. But somehow, I think there are more essential problems to solve than being able to make 1950s-style schematics.

I am currently repairing a 1950s Radio. The circuit drawing is extremely accurate. And the junctions are todays KiCad dot style.
:fountain_pen: :straight_ruler: :triangular_ruler:

Maybe we should allow graphics for junction dots. Then we could have “:crazy_face:” for our silly junction dots.

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:ribbon: would be more descriptive.

And :shinto_shrine: for hop overs then?

Do we need :bone: for BGA breakouts?

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Here is the book that started my adventure with electronics:
This scan is the 1964 edition, but I had the 1953 edition.

See about 10 last pages. Schematics use current dot style. I was never used to hop-overs.