POLL: Age Grouping for Forum Users

A curiosity census to find the ages of users of this forum.
Maybe there will be surprises and maybe not.

  • Over 60 years
  • 50 - 60 years
  • 40 - 50 years
  • 30 - 40 years
  • Under 30 years

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Could possibly also analyze user behavior (like Google, etc., do). For example (just for fun): 50+ don’t give likes, 30+ give likes to perceived peers and leaders only, 10+ like what they like, … :wink:

If this age group is in a forum like this one, someone should talk to their parents :slight_smile:

I bought my first UltiBoard licence when I was 14 or 15 (with the blessing of my parents)…

I don’t remember my birth year. I must be 80+ :rofl:


You don’t need to remember your birthdate if you are thaaaat old, just get someone to make your mark for you in the over 60 box. :scream_cat:

…as it happens at so many elections.

My first EDA software was Orcad from the mid 80’s so I must be old :smiley:

@hermit Happy New Year! By any chance, do you know how many users are registered in the forum?

A tad more than contribute on a regular basis. :wink:



Also, I don’t know (or care) how this works but the system seems to delete some inactive accounts so the totals don’t seem to be completely inflated by unused accounts.

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That’s interesting, thanks.

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Well, so far I’m surprised.
59 participants in 18 hours is great!
I’d also expected a total of at least 80% in the 50 - 60 and 60+ categories (just an impression I had from reading this forum for a while), but not so… another pleasant surprise.

Im also surprised but because I expected the majority to be young engineers and technicians. Most users seem to be my age (best ! agers :wink:) ?
I wonder if this is a general trend for HW development ? Maybe the “real” work gets outsourced more and more ?
Fact is most of my younger colleagues prefer development on a purely simulation basis. I dont know anyone here who has ever fabricated a PCB at home. Most of them buy complete modules for Arduino or Raspberry.
Having ruined a lot of clothes with chemicals and hot solder I can fully understand this, still it feels sad to me…


I doubt they have the time and inclination to spend time in this forum. They probably only visit if they have a problem or query.

If the poll was left open for a year you may find your expectations met, as, looking at the count and Hermit’s statistics, I’d say most regular contributors (those with available time) have voted.

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I would also guess that that group is more likely to be perceived as drive-by-poster or post-and-run user in such a form of forum.

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I’ve done some counting about forum use in the last month.
As noted below by franzee and stair, these statistics are probably skewed, but you could treat them as a minimum.

So there were 31 people who visited every day, 16 people who only missed one day (or have not visited today yet), etc.

Number of people who visited 10 times or more:

24+16+10+3+5+4+4+3+3+5+3+3+56 = 139

… and 638 who visited a few times, and a grand total of:

139+138+500 = 777

Days:	People:
31		24
30		16
29		10
28		3
27		5
26		4
25		4
24		3
23		3
22		5
21		3
20		3
10-19	56
5 - 9	138
1 - 4	500

60 people have read over 500 posts,
25 people have posted more then 20 replies.
14 people have created more then two topics,
20 people created two topics each.
98 people created a single topic.

I got the info from: KiCad.info Forums
I could be off by a few, because I manually counted the “[Page Down]” with some corrections.

Might also be skewed because some only log in when they need to.

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I would second this, I stop by at least once a week but only rarely actually log in

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I guess peak PCB design was in the late 80s, back when a computer meant a lot of boards.
In the last few years the even the PC market has dwindled, I saw so many motherboard brands 20 years ago, few now.