Older Schematics doesn't show any Sympols at all anymore all of a sudden!

Its now for years, that KiCad has majure issues with its Schmatics symbol library remapping. Today, I opend a schematics in KiCAD 5.1.6 under Manjaro Linux which I just had open yesterday, and not a single library symbol is showing again. No matter what I do. This is frustrating and very annoying. Reading throw other comments in KiCad blogs and forums, similar issues had been reported for years! Why is it still such a problem to make this just work? It can’t be that difficult! KiCad is such a wonderful EDA, if just that damn librariy thing would’t be such a crap! Terrible!

Have you installed the library or modules files?
what do you see if you look in /usr/share/kicad/library for example?

So what does it look like?
Do you get nothing at all, or do you see the square symbols with question marks?

Are all your symbols “missing”, are the symbols from the default libraries missing? or are symbols from a custom library missing?

Maybe this helps:

In KiCad V6 there are going to be big changes in the schematic part. A whole new file format, and copies of the schematic symbols are going to be embedded in the schematic itself, just as is already the case with Footprints in Pcbnew at the moment.

The entire Schematics has the square symbols with question marks. All Symbols.
If I open the Schematics, I get a Notification window, which says: "The schematics currently uses the project symbol library list look up method for loading library symbols. KiCAD will attempt to map the existing symbols… etc…

Then, when I click “Remap Symbols”, I get an error Message saying:
Failed to backup file /… sym-lib-table
Failed to back up file …sch
Failed to back up file …pro

I also get this annoying error message: "Impossible to set permission for the file … rescue-2020-10…lib. error 95: Operation.
(Which is as what I read a bug in the wxWidges when opening a KiCAD file from a NAS drive, which I do.)
So I ignore rescue and hit “close” in the first window. The Schematics looks just fine. Everything is how its supposed to be.
Now, I change one value of a component an try to save the schematics.
I get the Error message: "Error occurred creating symbol library /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=… -cache.lib
Symbol GND-RESCUE-f1 not found in any library or cache
Symbol TC1014 not found in any library or cache Symbol
Symbol LM324 not found in any library or cache Symbol
Symbol …
Symbol …

So I close the Schematics and reopen: Then I get a page with Squares and Question-marks only.
The Schematics is not recoverable (At least I couldn’t recover it). Gladly, I had an old Backup on another drive.

So my guess is, it has something to do either with that wxWidgets bug, or its in the KiCAD Library Management, or both.

However, if I save a kicad_pcb file, I am also getting “Failed to set temporary file permissions (error 95: Operation not supported)”, but if I reopen it, everything looks fine and it saved the change perfectly.
So there must be some bug withing Schematics or the Library Management, regarding this wxWidgets error 95 when accessing a samba network drive.

(I reported this error in August 2017 already and others 2016 already. Unfortunately its still there and nothing changed)

You want to read this FAQ entry

I am not sure this is the correct FAQ article. My guess is that this one is better suited Converting KiCad version 4 projects to version 5 (Remap a project)

Check the owner and permissions of those files, this looks a bit like “root” ownership errors

At this moment some trouble with file ownership also seems to be more logical then problems with the libraries itself.

Is there anything special you did or maintenance on you PC between the day it “worked” and the day it “stopped working” ?

Do you have other projects that still work?
What happens if you start a new project? Can it read the libraries?

While I was just working on a new project, I did the “assign PCB footprints to schematic symbols”. When I hit “Apply, Save Schematic & Continue” I got an error popup window, showing:

Failed to set temporary file permission (error 95: Operation not supported).

But everything was saved correctly!
Then I changed a footprint and saved it again: No error popup message.

Here I found a post which describes the same problem:

My guess is, that this is the root cause of the messup with the library conversions I had in the first place.

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