Failed to set temporary file permission

Hi community!

When I create a new project on my NAS I get the error message “Failed to set temporary file permissions” for the .pro file. I don’t get this error when I create a new project on my local hard disk, so I’m 99% sure this has to do with how my CIFS/Samba connecton on/to the NAS is configured. I.e. not a bug in KiCad.

Here is a screenshot of the error window:

Oddly, this error message does not seem to affect anything, as I can happily ignore it and work on the new project, without any apparent consequences.

Is it safe to ignore the error? What sort of permission is KiCad trying to set on the *.pro file?

(I’m running KiCad 4.0.7-e2-6376~58~ubuntu on Linux Mint 18.3)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to KiCad, its a great tool :slight_smile:

The error is generated by wxWidgets in wxCopyFile It tries to set the same permissions as the original file.

KiCad calls wxCopyFile to copy the template project file to wherever you are creating your project.

But the result code is ignored, so KiCad carries on as normal.

If you can find the permission on …/share/kicad/template/ then that should show the permission it is trying to set on your project file.

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