No feature unconnected wires scheme

it’s pretty baffling, is hard to accomplish just drawing unconnected crossing wires one another with illustrative arc curve in schematic

it’s really such no feature ?

This was discussed in length here:

and here:

In short: No, it’s not available. Here’s the feature request, if you want to vote for it:

Here’s also a poll which shows that most users don’t really want that feature:


Please no, not again…
I’m tempted to close this topic as it probably leads to senseless arguing with no additional arguments that have not been mentioned before. Kudos for Jonathan_Haas for taking the time to look for and add those references.

But I won’t close the topic. I don’t want to start bullying people around.

Be thankful it is not… autorouting! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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If an autorouting thread now pops up I may have to put you in timeout.


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