Move part of track to another layer

I have a routed track on the top layer and I wand to move some segments to the bottom layer. Try as I might I cannot find a way to do this without un-routing and starting again. It’s a long winding track. Any ideas on how I do this or have I missed something ???

I read about Open GL but do not fully understand how it relates to moving a track to another layer. On my Win 10 system PCB says I need Version 2.1 but Win 10 says I have the latest.


In open gl simply leftclick on the track segment in question (hold shift to select multiple segments) After that simply press e to open the track and vias properties dialog.

To add to Rene said, after selecting a segment, you can extend the selection (in OpenGL) with ‘u’ or ‘i’. After moving you will probably want to add vias. To do that type ‘x’ and click the end of the segment to start drawing a track extension. Then type ‘v’ to place a via, click to place the via, Then exctend the track on the other side to connect to the via.

All that was only if you want the new track to be the same net as the old track. If you want it to be a different track, it’s possible but a little more involved to change the net on a track.

On my Win 10 system PCB says I need Version 2.1 but Win 10 says I have the latest so I cannot open use open GL

There is a discussion here on Windows 10 and OpenGL 2.1 for specific graphics cards.

For the future: one question per topic. Makes it more likely for people who know the answer to find your question. (Most people only read the title of a topic. To be honest i did not notice your second half of the question.)

Does cairo canvas work? (I think this is the fallback version of the opengl canvas. It should not need opengl.)

I don’t have used this software (proceed with caution), but maybe you can use it to find out what version of OpenGL you got:

My Win 7 system reports OpenGL version 4.3. Win 10 system should be newer (is it?) and 2.1 is fairly old.

OpenGL 2.1 was introduced in 2006, and OpenGL 3.0 was released in 2008.

The OpenGL version depends on your GPU and the drivers that come with it… nothing to do with the OS per-se afaik