Macos: footprint and system library table files, and en_ZA locale message

Getting these in KiCad on MACOS, for each of the components as soon as I start the applications. To which folder(s) do I need to point this on macos:

“select global system library table file:”
“select global footprint library table:”
Before these popup windows, i’m also getting this: “locale ‘en_ZA’ cannot be set” - not sure if this is related to the first errors.
Fresh installed today of V5.1.5-0-10_14
Found a few references to Linux/Ubintu, but don’t want to attempt the fixes on macos.

Is it this problem?

And especially

This problem occurs on Catalina and is related to a permissions issue that needs to be granted to allow the copy but it never asks so the choice is grayed out. My work around was to copy them manually in a terminal window using sudo.

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