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Hi all
I am newbie in pcb designing
I have drawn a simple pcb in kicad
Could I upload my pcb here for the professianals have a look and give me some advice?
Thanks so much​:pray::pray:

This is done regularly. New users have upload restrictions. There are a few people with mod powers that can stumble by and ‘raise you up’ or just provide a link. Having visuals in the thread are nice but you can also zip up your working directory and make that available too.

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Like @hermit said, that is a common occurrence. (See Is it proper to ask forum users to look over a project? That user, @Marsfan , created a thread with 74 posts at First project, can someone look it over?. ) The fact that you have a board to look at (or even a partial board) will get your post noticed. “Initiative” is a highly valued trait around here; the post which says, “Here is what I have done to solve my problem” receives more attention, and higher-quality responses, than the post which says “How do I fix this problem?”.

You can read about the “User Levels” at User Levels . It looks like you are a “Basic User”, so you can have images, attachments, and links in your posts. (And if you are restricted to one image per post, just make another post.)


p.s. - Putting some information in the “About Me” section of your User Profile may help you get useful responses to your “Please review my board” request. At least a few of us read that section, especially when responding to inexperienced users.

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