Is it proper to ask forum users to look over a project?

I have finished my first project in kicad that I intend to actually have fabbed. Since it is my first project, and will be fairly expensive to fab, I was wondering if it is proper to post in this forum (maybe in the projects section) a link to my project and ask if anyone would be willing to look at it for potential mistakes?

Sure, go ahead.

Ask what specifically you have problems/doubts with, so we don’t run around blind.

And, don’t forget to include non standard libraries…

The better fabs will go over your design with you; you get what you pay for.



The board houses I have dealt with provide a review, or error checking, based on what they are capable of reliably producing. They don’t look for ways to improve your layout, nor do they look for circuit design errors, or assembly problems. And, in a few cases, they may “correct” your mistakes in ways that you don’t approve of.

If it’s obvious that you have made a genuine effort to produce a good board then Forum members will almost certainly give a respectful and sincere critique of your efforts.


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