KiCAD demo project ready to use


I want to make a quick demo to my collegues to convince them to move to Kcad 4.0.4.
Could someone point me a nice project ready to use?
Ready to show schematic, pcb with routs and 3D demo?
The 3D view must show the components footprints.

Thank you,

Reference Design Repository for Kicad
Why Choose KiCad over Eagle?
New version of KiCAD, many broken 3D models

have a look here (@PCB_Wiz)
that is an open source project with all kicad prj portable (folder src-kicad)
3d models are both in wrl and STEP (mainly exported with kicad StepUp for mechanical and designing purposes)

Is it possible to have a 3D model, relative path to custom footprint?

Have a look at
Several of these projects have complete schematics & pcb layouts. If you download the kicad github libraries you should have most/all of the .vrml files.


Hi maui,
thanks for the quick response.
I would like to have the project source to be opened in KiCAD eeschema, pcbnew and 3D viewer. Like a real project. Not only “screenshots”
There is no *.pro in the github.
However, iceZum is an amazing project !!!
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if you unzip the git files, the folder kicad_src has all you need! :slight_smile:


Hi John,
This is the first page I have checked. Not all the projects are providing the project files.
I have tried the A64-OLinuXino but the 3D view is only showing the PCB not the components.


Sorry but there is only icezum/src-altium/ no kicad_src in the github nor zip.
I can see icezum/src-altium/IceZUM_Core_HX1K.PrjPcb which is not KiCAD project file.


Maurice (updated the first link)
and here the 3D mechanical model as STEP and FreeCAD file

How to - Viewing 3D rendering of "made with Kicad" projects

Thank you maui
You make my day


@maui there was also that simple Hack (arduino clone?) project?


@kammutierspule you are right! :smiley:
here the link