KiCAD demo project ready to use

I want to make a quick demo to my collegues to convince them to move to Kcad 4.0.4.
Could someone point me a nice project ready to use?
Ready to show schematic, pcb with routs and 3D demo?
The 3D view must show the components footprints.

Thank you,

have a look here (@PCB_Wiz)
that is an open source project with all kicad prj portable (folder src-kicad)
3d models are both in wrl and STEP (mainly exported with kicad StepUp for mechanical and designing purposes)

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Have a look at
Several of these projects have complete schematics & pcb layouts. If you download the kicad github libraries you should have most/all of the .vrml files.

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Hi maui,
thanks for the quick response.
I would like to have the project source to be opened in KiCAD eeschema, pcbnew and 3D viewer. Like a real project. Not only “screenshots”
There is no *.pro in the github.
However, iceZum is an amazing project !!!
Thank you,

if you unzip the git files, the folder kicad_src has all you need! :slight_smile:

Hi John,
This is the first page I have checked. Not all the projects are providing the project files.
I have tried the A64-OLinuXino but the 3D view is only showing the PCB not the components.

Sorry but there is only icezum/src-altium/ no kicad_src in the github nor zip.
I can see icezum/src-altium/IceZUM_Core_HX1K.PrjPcb which is not KiCAD project file.

Maurice (updated the first link)
and here the 3D mechanical model as STEP and FreeCAD file

Thank you maui
You make my day

@maui there was also that simple Hack (arduino clone?) project?


@kammutierspule you are right! :smiley:
here the link