KiCad 8.0.0 not notifying of update on startup?

First off, hats off to the KiCad developer team on the release of KiCad 8 - it just keeps getting better!

I’ve been running 8.0.0 since it was released, and looking forward to installing the 8.0.1 bug fix version. I noticed this morning it’s available on the KiCad site, and I remembered that there are supposed to be automatic notifications of updates on startup (I have the option for “Check for KiCad updates on startup” checked in KiCad Settings > Packages and Updates). However, I’m not getting any notifications about an available update even after restarting the app (and my machine).

Anyone else having this problem?

I don’t have 8 yet, but could you be referring to this setting from 7?

That’s for the Plugin and Content Manager, not the application.

Looks like a new feature in v8 to alert when there is supposed to be a update. Maybe not implemented fully yet or a bug?

Not working for me either under Ubuntu 23.10

We are waiting a few days after the release before we enable the notification, a kind of “slow roll-out” in case there are any big problems with 8.0.1 (doesn’t seem like there are any so far, though)


Not specific to this issue but referencing.

Update detection is working now, but both View Details and Open Downloads Page only open a blank browser window. Skip this version resets at launch, does exactly the same as remind me later. I would expect that Skip this version will ignore the server side flag until the version increments.