Kicad (5.1.5)-3

I have installed Windows 10 and the last version of Kicad (5.1.5)-3

The problem Kicad sch freeze and pcb don’t recognise my old version of project made with with an old version of Kicad. I dond’t remenber what was my old kicad version.

SCH and Footprint library editor are fonctionning well .

S.0.S please help me

Can you recall how long ago you did this project? Maybe you can see it on the file dates.
Also, when you open the Project file, Schematic or the PCB in a text editor you may get more clues about the date and version of KiCad it was made with.

KiCad should always be able to read it’s own old file formats (Unless they’re really prehistorical maybe)

Paul thank you for your faste response

So a have two computers reformated

One with windows 7 and the other with windows 10 . I have installed Kicad (5.1.5)-3 on these two machines

The problem is the same on the two machines , when a stard KCad everythings seems good , but it is become bad when i open sch (sch is freezing ) even if it is an hold project or a when a create a new projet

Hope you will help me cause Kicad is very useful for my small company

How can I possibly help?
Your latest post has 0.0 info related to solving your problem.
How old is this project? (You can get that by responding to my previous post).
How complex is this project?
What other info do you have?
If there is a real problem which can not be easily fixed, then having a pdf of the schematic and the Gerber files are a big help with reverse engineering.

Are you willing to post the files here? (or PM)
If KiCad really can’t open it’s own files then it may be worth making a bug report for this, but at this stage it’s premature to think of such measures.

Narrow the problem down first. Try opening any other project schematic, there are some demos that come with kicad installation. If that works then issue is likely with your project specifically, otherwise it may be issue with drivers and you may have to switch to non-opengl canvas, search forum for related topics.

This is important. So, is it so that you open KiCad, create a new project with it and then try to open the schematic of that new project, and KiCad freezes while trying to open it? This would definitely be a serious bug.

But in your first post you said

What is this SCH? This sounds contradictory.

Sorry about my bad English i will resume

On my two computers the problem is the same I start a new project and opening SCH . Sch is freezing on both computers one is using Windows 7 and the other using Windows the .

The problem is prensent even if a CREATE A NEW PROJECT

correction ‘’ and the other using Windows 10 ‘’

Solution described here may help you

Also make sure your video card drivers are up to date.

Ok every bory fist un big thank you for your helf even if my English is poor

I resume on my two machines ( One with windows 10 and the other Windows 7 both recently installed ) when i start a new project for exemple project called Djoss, kicad creater the project Djoss, everything seems to work fine . But when a click on the Djoss.sch icon the Eeschema window appear but freeze.

S.O.S please help me in begenning with theese situation :wink:

Can you launch EESCHEMA at all?
Click Windows button, type EESCHEMA and press enter. Do you get functional/respoding EESCHEMA this way?

You can edit the posts you have posted.

You can use Google translator to check what you are writing or to paste the whole translated text.

Fred on both pc using windows 7 and windows 10 if i click windows button and type Eeschema , in both case Eeschema is freezing …

Try to edit the following file in text editor:


And change the value of canvas_type:


to disable openGl.

No fred even if a Lauch EESCHEMA with the Windows Button on Win 7 and Win 10 EESCHEMA is freezzing

Ok fred i find the files can you gyde me and explain to me what i do ?

Color4DWireEx=rgb(0, 132, 0)
Color4DBusEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
Color4DConnEx=rgb(0, 132, 0)
Color4DLLabelEx=rgb(0, 0, 0)
Color4DHLabelEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
Color4DGLabelEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
Color4DPinNumEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
Color4DPinNameEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
Color4DFieldEx=rgb(132, 0, 132)
Color4DReferenceEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
Color4DValueEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
Color4DNoteEx=rgb(0, 0, 194)
Color4DBodyEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
Color4DBodyBgEx=rgb(255, 255, 194)
Color4DNetNameEx=rgb(132, 132, 132)
Color4DPinEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)
Color4DSheetEx=rgb(132, 0, 132)
Color4DSheetFileNameEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
Color4DSheetNameEx=rgb(0, 132, 132)
Color4DSheetLabelEx=rgb(132, 132, 0)
Color4DNoConnectEx=rgb(0, 0, 132)
Color4DErcWEx=rgba(0, 132, 0, 0.800)
Color4DErcEEx=rgba(132, 0, 0, 0.800)
Color4DGridEx=rgb(132, 132, 132)
Color4DBgCanvasEx=rgb(255, 255, 255)
Color4DCursorEx=rgb(0, 0, 0)
Color4DBrightenedEx=rgb(255, 0, 255)
Color4DHiddenEx=rgb(194, 194, 194)
Color4DWorksheetEx=rgb(132, 0, 0)

Paul Kicad can’t open a NEW project at all Eechatic is freezind on both computers Windows 10 and Windows 7

In my eeschema file is at line 234 canvas_type=1

Change it to 2 as fred4u suggested and tell us what happens.