KiCad 5.0.2 for MAC might vanish for a bit


KiCad 5.0.2 might require an update for mac as it has been compiled with wrong settings:

Getting a new version might take a bit.


Ah HA! That might explain the seg fault crashes I’ve had.

Do you know if the nightly builds are affected by the compilation error? I’d like to poke around on those while I wait for a 5.0.2 mac stable


So, 5.0.2 has been pulled, but it seems the 5.0.1 stable which is available does not include the fix for the symbol editor seg fault crashes (which is the same bug I was seeing in 5.0.2).

Supposedly this was fixed for 5.0.1 on the 27th of November. Ref:

The 5.0.1 build currently available via the website (14 Oct 2018) obviously pre-dates this fix and does indeed exhibit the seg fault error in the symbol editor on OS X Mojave.

Does anybody know where we can get the 27 Nov 2018 5.0.1 build for OS X referenced in the bug report as the fix?


Please test the 5.0 testing branch at

This includes all 5.0.2 commits and is where the builds are being tried out. If it works for you, please report this to the bug reports at

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