MAC 5.0.2 Packaging Issues Resolved?


Hoping this is the best location for this post:

Have the packaging issues been resolved for the MAC version of KiCad, specifically is 5.0.2 available yet or are we still waiting? I have a little break now for time to do an upgrade but I can’t seem to find the release anywhere.

I’ll hold off if there are any major issues because “Version: (5.0.0-3-g5ebb6b6), release build” is rock solid for me and I hate to “fix what isn’t broken”.

Also (forgive this basic question), is there somewhere I can see open issues with specific releases of the software? Thanks all.

EDIT: Ok I read a little (LIKE 4 POSTS lol) down the forum and there is another thread on same topic - my bad. Question still stands but likely better to answer on original thread: KiCad 5.0.2 for MAC might vanish for a bit


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