How can I "flip over" a PCB before sending it to the fab? (SOLVED)

Is there a way that I can flip my PCB over, so that what was the front becomes the back and vice-versa?

The reason I want to do this is because I’m using a fab that puts a Customer ID number on the front of the board, and I would prefer to have the Customer ID number on the back of the board. (I’ve tried just asking them to put the number on the back, but that didn’t work.)

If I can make the front the back and make the back the front before I send it to the fab, then I can have the Customer ID on what I think of as the back.


You can box select everything and press F to flip the complete board. (At least in open-gl and stable 4.0.7)

The only problem is that after this operation every text field is “rotated”. (this is because reference and value field are limited to either 0 or 90 degree rotation.)

So after flipping you also need to rotate everything back by 180 degree. (if you care about the rotation of the silk screen compared to the board.)

Only problem here is that normal text fields are limited to 0/90 when pressing F but when rotating they rotate normally. (So if you have normal text fields then you manually need to rotate them after rotating the whole board.)


Thanks! That appears to have done the trick!