Christmas ornaments designed with KiCad

I hope this isn’t too far off topic, but I wanted to share a project that I created with KiCad: Christmas ornaments.

I made a footprint for the candy canes, which is just a line and an arc on the silkscreen. I made another footprint for the ornaments, made up of three overlapping SMD pads on the soldermask layer only. Similarly, the trunk is a footprint with a single SMD pad on the soldermask layer only. The difference between the trunk and the ornaments is that the ornaments are over a GND fill, so the ornaments expose the copper underneath, while the trunk exposes the FR4 underneath.

I removed the silkscreen from the resistor and LED footprints, to keep the front of the board looking “clean”. The front is exclusively a ground plane; all of the other wiring is on the back.

There is a Micro USB connector on the back of the board, for connecting power.

The front and back of the board are actually swapped, so that the “Customer ID” added by the fab will go on the back instead of the front.


Here’s 2 ornaments I’ve designed with KiCad. They both use an attiny85 and a CR2032 coin cell battery. The snowman has a piezo buzzer that will play 3 Christmas songs using the buttons on the chest. The tree blinks 2 random sets of LED’s