Flex - Seamless Integration with Inkscape

KiCad doesn’t support bezier curves for its traces. I don’t need them, but I want them. PCB art is a little tedious to with the tools, too.

So I wrote a plugin to integrate Pcbnew with Inkscape.

Start and end :

I wrote it really really quickly without much testing, so there is a huge list of unimplemented features and undiscovered bugs. But for the most part, this is supposed to be a seamless PCB->SVG->PCB conversion tool, so you can draw anything you like on your PCB, on any layer, and jump back and forth between the two tools.

Give it a shot, submit issues / PRs, and do cool stuff with it. The world is your oyster.

The codebase is a bit of a dumpsterfire. Maybe that will improve, in the future.
I’ve run out of time to work on this for a bit, so things like complicated SVG parsing isn’t something I’ll implement for a while, but PRs would really help!


I think there is beizier support for some objects, but not editable in pcbnew. Mostly used for import of DFX as far as I understand.

This seems to have come up a few times, but it looks like someone started support years and years ago, but never really got anywhere.

The devs don’t seem to be interested in supporting them, fair enough, so I chose to sidestep the issue entirely :slight_smile:

Inkscape is a really fantastic tool, so this combines the relative strengths of each.

A side note for another discussion: I honestly believe that SVG would be a fantastic file format for a PCB tool on its own.

Let us know when it is a little more ready for prime time and we will add it to the plugin index.