Flex PCB from DXF for old car


I would like to share with you result of my project and thank you of all the people who provide a help (Copper track filling)

Sorry in advance if it is not the correct category

The project was to create a “copy” of an old car part to replace a Flex PCB.

First a tuto for creation of a gerber file from a dxf file with a very good precision.

I have design my DXF file in CAD Software

To proceed I need to go through a Footprint, so first I need to go in Footprint Editor in KiCad and create a New empty footprint. Do not forget to select a library before and be able to save. When I put the name of my footprint I have an option, I select Other but I don’t think that it has an impact later.

If I import my DXF in the footprint I only have line and it is not what I need to go in production. At this time I apply the tuto of @BlackCoffee but the conversion change slightly the design and as I have very small gap it is not possible to apply this solution. I do not fine any parameter to change and have the result expected.

So in my case I import directly my DXF in my new footprint in layer F.Cu with the Default line width

From the line sketch in KiCad I activate another layer (in my case User.2 due to his color). At this moment I use “Place/Draw Graphic Polygon” to complete all the tracks one by one. It’s long, I know but the quality result is what I expect. I do it in another layer because in case of mistake I can more easily delete the last track with out impact on the F.Cu layer.

When I have finished my track with Draw Graphic Polygon I can move each point placed if needed.

Sorry I have no image of this step but I think it clear.

After that you need to open with a text editor the *.kicad_mod to replace User.2 by F.Cu to be sure that everything is in the correct layer.

All that remains is to create the other layers in the same way.

Launch in production et voilà…

Thanks for your help and I hope that this description can help other people.


This did look a bit familiar…
A quick search through Toggesh’s older posts shows it’s a continuation of this older project:

Yes, right but topic is closed after 3months and as I’m very slow I can’t update it.

Very sorry.

No need to say sorry, for most topics the “auto close” timer works quite well, but for some cases (such as here) it is a bit limiting. I just added the link so anyone interested in this topic can easily find it.

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