Export board with components as 3D model

I made a board with castellated holes, Now I would like to export the entire board complete with components as a useable 3D model for a new footprint on which I can solder my board.

I did google but I could not find the answers

Here it seems to work. Only it has small problem which I am going to have as well :smiley:

I tried exporting using several extensions. But no desired results:


Atleast somewhat better

Wait wutt? where is…

I did get me a copy of all the components in a folder.

Assuming it is possible, how do I get the job done?



For that purpose, I do use FreeCad with it’s KiCad Step-Up workbench.
If you install FreeCad, you can open Kicad’s PCB file (with all the 3D models - make sure to use STEP models instead of WRL) and then export whole assembly as e.g. STEP 3d file.
EDIT: not sure how Freecad deals with castellated holes, but it’s worth trying anyway.

Thank you Fred

I installed FreeCad but I cannot open the .kicad_pcb file. Do I need to install some kind of add-on/plugin to FreeCad? Or am I ‘doing it wrong’?

The earlier exported step files does work

FreeCAD looks like really nice software. I must definatly learn it. I am still working in tinkercad which was incredibly easy to learn but it does not suffice for more complex designs.




Hi Maui,

Is there any way to export a board without components, only a pcb, to a step file.

Hi @xzf16
if you use StepUp, simply import in FC the full popolated pcb and then select pcb only and export it to step.