Can't export castellated PCB design as 3D models

I was exported my castellated PCB design as 3D models. But the castellated pad is not removed yet
How to solve this problem?

File > Export > VRML > mydesign.wrl

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Thanks for your help.

This is what I need, I’m using KiCad 3D viewer, but when I export it as .wrl the castellated pad is not exported properly.

File > Export > VRML > mydesign.wrl

There are others here who likely know a proper way to fix this. I tried a quick test with a through-hole pad straddling the edge cut and it acts as you found – looks fine in kicad 3d viewer but wrl export has hanging copper pads.

Then I tried a footprint with a 0.9mm thru hole with a 0.9mm pad (so no annular ring) and added an smt pad on top (with same pin number) and another on the bottom, just touching the edge. It exports as wrl and looks fine. It throws drc errors which you can ignore, or you can create custom rules to quiet the drc errs. But there is probably a more elegant solution.

Is the 3D viewer clipping the WRL model at the board outline or is thhe export actually using the STEP alternative?

My quick test with a thruhole-with-no-pad and top/bot smt pads inside the board edge looks like this in kicad 3d viewer:

An export of the wrl looks like this in an online viewer:

and an export of the step shows no copper an just half of a hexagonal hole:

I will peek at them in solidworks tomorrow to see if they render the same as the online viewer.

When I placed a simple thruhole-with-pad on the edge cut it looked fine in kicad 3d viewer but when I exported as wrl I saw the same overhanging copper pads as sarfat96 did.

Paging @maui
Your comments please

the 3D viewer is clipping the 3D image, the wrl exporter ATM is not clipping the pads

or a pad w/ a polyline zone… in old kicad versions I used two smd polyline pads with a NPTH drill, to avoid to display the full drill in 3D viewer

With one of these solution, the exported wrl will appear accordingly to 3D view.

Do you need a 3d model for aesthetic purposes or do you need it for mechanical interfacing?

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I use a Footprint of a Castellated Pad - consists of SMD pad and THT.

I place the Footprint on the PCB and make Array of it…

Exported STEP and WRL - Both open correctly in FreeCad

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