Deleting Hierarchical sheets

¿How to delete hierarchical sheets in an schematic?

Just hover the mouse above the sheet symbol and press [Del]. This works the same as with any other schematic symbol.

The schematic file of that sheet itself does not get deleted. It stays as an “orphan” in the project directory and you can clean it up with a file manager.

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Solved! Problem was Kicad 6.0 allows to create a hierarchical sheet WITHOUT a symbol. Thank you for your answer.

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The answer is this previous forum post could benefit from a more descriptive manner for deleting schematic pages beneath the root page as it makes assumptions.

To say just hover the mouse over the sheet symbol and press [Del] works, if and only if the user is viewing the Root(page 1) of the schematic AND zoomed way out so that the other page(s) outline “symbols” also appear on screen.

I appreciate @paulvdh’s good faith effort in providing an answer, but many of us KiCAD users are quite new to this wonderful and amazing open-source ECAD app.

Another problem I encountered and could not find a reliable (or current) answer for is that after adding a 2nd schematic page, it just appeared as “untitled” and there was no place that I could find to give it a name.

Moving a post citing this topic here and reopening the topic.

Just tried it in v7. A pop up appears where you can edit the properties. If you don’t change it at that time, you can change it later by selecting the sheet, and editing its Properties from the context menu.

Just tried it in v7. A pop up appears where you can edit the properties. If you don’t change it at that time, you can change it later by selecting the sheet, and editing its Properties from the context menu.

Thanks @retiredfeline but I note that this too requires one to be “viewing” the root page AND zoomed back out far enough to “see” the other page(s) in order to right-click and bring up the context menu. These nuances to KiCAD 7 are very, very difficult to find in documentation or forum posts.

But at least, now I know now, and now it is.

Perhaps you should put in a feature request so that right clicking on the page in the hierarchy navigator offers not just Edit Page Number but also Properites (hotkey E). If the request doesn’t already exist.

As a newbie, I’m not inclined to request feature updates when “feature” documentation would be more than ample, plus help reduce code bloat. But then I suppose there may be those who prefer learning without reading.

Thanks, however, for the nudge. I’ve seen where others have requested feature requests and know it is possible.

It would make the UI more uniform and not require much extra code. The child sheet properties can already be accessed from the root sheet. The enhancement would make the properties accessible from the hierarchy browser.

I must say I thought it over then decided to give an enhancement request a go.

Attempting to do this was more frustrating than I expected. First followed links that said I must join the Ubuntu group only to find a redirect stating KiCAD don’t live there no more and it appeared that I must now create another login to yet another website.

Who can take time to spell all this out for me in terms that can be understood for making enhancement requests?

Start with the Report a Bug link in the application and go from there. You’ll need to create a GitLab account.

More experienced users do chime in. I’ve only done it once but I went straight to GitLab and I already had an account from my other software mischief.

Ding, ding :bell:

Open Kicad, up top, Help > Report Bug.

Gitlab will ask you to register. Just follow the instructions. You will need an email account for Gitlab to send a number code for your confirmation. (All up about 5 minutes effort to register).
When you have a Gitlab account you will be able to create an issue.

When you wish to create an issue you will be confronted with a form that is titled “New Issue”.
It is best, before creating an issue, to left click “Issues” in the Left hand column and read a few current and past issues to see the procedure for creating an issue, then follow the instructions in “New Issue”.

If you have a “Feature Request” or “Wishlist Item”, Start the Title of the issue with that wording. This saves Gitlab sorters time and effort.

If an Issue is created through “Report Bug” your Kicad and OS versions will automatically be included in the Issue, so don’t worry about including this.