KiCad 7.0.8 deleting pg2 hierarchical schematic sheet

The answer is this previous forum post could benefit from a more descriptive manner for deleting schematic pages beneath the root page as it makes assumptions.

To say just hover the mouse over the sheet symbol and press [Del] works, if and only if the user is viewing the Root(page 1) of the schematic AND zoomed way out so that the other page(s) outline “symbols” also appear on screen.

I appreciate @paulvdh’s good faith effort in providing an answer, but many of us KiCAD users are quite new to this wonderful and amazing open-source ECAD app.

Another problem I encountered and could not find a reliable (or current) answer for is that after adding a 2nd schematic page, it just appeared as “untitled” and there was no place that I could find to give it a name.

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