Creating a screencast (video of the KiCad) for sharing on this forum

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There are many scree capture programs able to take videos of your screen for all platforms.
Kazam or simple screen recorder are options i use for linux (plus KeyMon to show which key or mousebutton is pressed.)

I think @maui might be able to give a hint for windows as he made quite a few screen recordings to showcase his tools.

I’ve been thinking about looking into this type of software for various reasons. Other than Kazam seems to be more than a one person endeavor so more likely to endure, is there any compelling reason to choose one over the other? My use case will be very simple.

In the past i used kazam but that did not work on fedora when needed it recently so i switched to simple screen recorder. There are many other similar projects. Experiment with a few of them and use the one that fits your current needs. (I can only give feedback about the two i used. Kazam was a single click one in all product while simple recorder has a more complex interface and lacks the option to show keypresses easily so i needed to use keymon for that part)

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Thanks. Debian stable has both so I’ll start with Kazam. Little chance I’ll need more since I’ve lived this long without it. If I do, I’ll cross that bridge then.

For Windows I use ShareX open source

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This is my choice, too - it has everything, including simple annotation editor for static screenshots.

For some reason there doesn’t seem to exist a good and painless Windows alternative to KeyMon - does someone happen to know one? can show key press popups during recording. It exports to video as well as gifs, that’s what I use.

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