PCBNew hide multiple layers at once

Just an idea, but many times I do want to quickly disable some layers just to focus on what’s below.
I’d welcome the feature to quickly toggle “related” layers, e.g. if I hide “Front” layer I’d also like to hide F.Mask, F.Paste etc. so all layers related to “Front”.
Is there a way to do it with current KiCads? Or maybe some plan for the future release?


A day without a lesson is a day lost :slight_smile:

What I often do, specially if I already laid out some copper plane, is to press the V hotkey with nothing selected. This flips the order of the layers, so for example the back layer is drawn on top of the front layer.

Page Up/Page down can be used to switch active copper layer. (Not limited to layer pairs as v and also no side effects while drawing.)

The PgUp/PgDn I do use often, but since 1) I use planes a lot, and 2) I have layer’s transparencies set, this makes especially Bottom layer hard do read (as all the upper layers stuff makes the area often too busy to focus). Without transparency it would be probably enough.
The hint suggested by @eelik does perfectly what I need in my daily work.

I personally switch zones to outline mode while i do not need to see them instead of relying only on transparency.

Give a thumb up to this: https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/issues/2254. If zones would have their own color in Layer’s Manager->Items list we could set transparency for zones and see tracks etc. better while still seeing where the zones are without making them invisible (outlines only).

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It’s going to happen :slight_smile:

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Evidently somebody has some inside knowledge :slight_smile:

@eelik How do you grab the on-screen animation like the one in your first post here? It would be a great support sometimes to show some “dynamic” behaviour, as few sec video is sometimes worth a thousand words…

What platform do you use? @Rene_Poschl listed a couple for Linux awhile back.

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@hermit Win64, unfortunately.
@Rene_Poschl thanks for the link. Seems ShareX is what @eelik is using.

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