Create array - disabled options for enumarate footprints

I have a problem with option “Create array”. I want to create e.g. array of 10x15 RGB LEDs, but with properly enumeration: D1,D2,…,D150. That tool is doing placement right, but every footprint has the same number - D1.
All options of enumeration is disabled (gray color). I don’t know how I can make it enabled.
Can you help me with that problem?
I checked version 5.0.1 and 6.0.0 RC from today (nightly). All the same.

You are creating a pcb without schematic? Create a schematic first. Update the board and it will have the footprints with references. Then select them all and use Align/Distribute.

The Create Array dialog is used both in the board editor and in the footprint editor, but the Pad options are used only in the footprint editor. I think they should be hidden altogether in the board editor, not just disabled.

No, I have schematic and netlist imported to PCBNew. But if I select all of 150 diodes and create array of this, it multiplies the 150 diodes. So i deleted left 149 and was trying to create array from only one - D1.
I was trying align/distribute options too, but it almost do nothing for me. I can’t see there option to modify margins of diodes, to choose way of placing it…
I can’t find a way in which I can create array looks like that (I created it manually) using align/distribute options:

It only can place all diodes in one row/column/place/etc, but I can’t create matrix with it

BTW, I see that enumerating options was active on PCB layout window in 2016: How to duplicate (create an array) layout without losing references?

OK, now I see. Can you get the footprints in the order by reference with align/distribute? If yes, then I would do it this way: make a veeery wide row by setting the leftmost and righmost items in place, then use distibute and align. I would also set the grid to custom, with x and y to the x and y distance of two footprints. Then select the footprints of the 2nd row from the wide row and move them to their place, etc. There’s 9 repetitions instead of 150.

This would be a place for a python script. It should be relative easy to script.

Your idea sounds good.
But unfortunately now I tried it and it doesn’t work. I have a bunch of elements after import netlist:

I have custom grid (8x10). Then I choose “distribute horizontally” and almost nothing happens :frowning:

You can see that dots of grid is larger than all of these elements size now, so after use that function, elements should be placed in big distance that themselves.
I set A0 sheet, and place those elements on center, so there is for sure enough space for do the placement.
Am I doing something wrong?

Can you send the whole project here?

Yes, sure. Here is it:
I attached my LED 3528 lib to the directory.
Assuming, I can’t make distribute function works…

Could anybody help me with that problem? I will do this project this time without that feature, but for future it will be tiring…

Unfortunately the order in which the footprints are laid out with initial autoplacement is as good as random for our purposes.

In any case I would use hierarchical sheets. (49.6 KB)

Then try to use MitjaN’s Replicate plugin.

Thank you very much. I will try that plugin.

By the way I still hope that in next Kicad stable versions there will be built-in option for stuff like that, it would be easy to use for new users.

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