How to duplicate (create an array) layout without losing references?

When I duplicate the selected circuit, the all references lost in the circuit. (i.e all resistor changed to R11, all IC’s U11)
Hence, If I reread the NetList, all components are comes again because of not matching references.
I must use duplicate for print more than circuit in one page.
How to solve this problem ?

What is your native language… maybe someone speaks it and can help you more effective as it’s hard to understand what you want in the English you’re able to produce (no offence).

What do you want to do?

Do you want one schematic and x layouts of the same circuit for a panellized design?

How did you duplicate the selected “circuit”?

in my humble opinion:
When you’re referring to circuitry I expect schematic drawings, i.e. we’re talking about stuff in EEschema.
If you’re meaning tracks and footprints I expect layout, i.e. we’re talking about stuff in PCBnew.

I’m sory to my unintelligible English.

I will try to explain step by step:


This following picture is my pcb layout.
The MAX3232 IC’s reference is IC1
References of leds are D1 D2 D3
Another component U1 anyway…


I want to copy this pcb layout. (ex: 3 times)
I’ m using Create an Array

Created array…

But all references are changed as we see the following picture.
The MAX3232 IC’s reference is IC111
References of leds is D1111 D1111 D1111
Another component reference U1111

The problem is this. I do not want to lose references after create array.

Is this for panelizing or for creating copies of the layout?

The former isn’t supported in KiCAD (yet) and the latter is not a recommended way of doing things.

You can (crudely) create a panel from several pcb designs by starting PCBnew as a standalone application (Windows, C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin\pcbnew.exe) and then use the menu File>Append Board, but this will not keep links to any schematics either…
If this is your last step before generating gerbers, good, do it.
If not, don’t do it.

PS: the array function came from footprint pad array creation and has not been adopted/modified for layout use. Better do not use it in the layout editor unless you know what you’re doing. It is not doing what you think it does.

PPS: be careful…

PPPS: (on panelization)