Complex Footprint in Kicad 5.1.4

Im using an exiting UHF walkie Talkie case and frame that encorporates an RF shield. Ive drawn the outline of the RF shield and the mounting holes and have looked at a number of tutorials for creating a footprint. When I select the graphic tool in the footprint editor and select F.Cu the tool reverts to F.SilkS as soon as I start drawing. Is there a simple method of creating a CU foot print based on a DXF

Take a look at @maui StepUp tools

It’s a ‘feature’ of the official version including 5.1.5
KiCad from current development source code stays on the selected layer.

You could either try a nightly build or deploy FreeCad and StepUp as already suggested.

Select the drawn item afterwards, open properties and change the layer to Cu.

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Even better would be to add a pad for determining the anchor point, select the graphics plus this pad and the convert it to a custom pad (right click menu something about make pad from shapes.)

This requires all graphic elements and the pad to overlap. The pad will then define the point where you can connect a trace.
This also ensures that your footprint works with DRC. (The reason why normal graphics are not easily made on a copper layer is because DRC ignores them.)

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