Dxf to pcb footprint

I designed a complex copper structure (an antenna) in dxf and I want to use it as a footprint. I know the bitmap to pcb footprint workflow, but that program can’t handle the complexity. (Crashes.). Is there any way to directly import dxf like in kicad pcb?

Native nop, but if you use @maui 's StepUp Tools, it will be a breeze.

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I’ve had good success with dxf2kicad_mod:

Make sure your lines are exploded in your DXF. It helps to rename your DXF layer to “F.Cu”, otherwise you can update that in the .kicad_mod footprint via a text editor.

@aschalze Thank you for the link. This is too late. I rolled my own. It is not yet ready, but I hope I can release it tomorrow.


For the record, this is my take on the topic.

dxf2kicad_mod.py (3.4 KB)

You need ezdxf and KicadModTree python modules to make it work.

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