Can I import a single footprint from Eagle?


Is it possible to import a single footprint from Eagle into Kicad?

The only Eagle import functionality I could find is in the Kicad Main/Project application. The options are to import an Eagle schematic or an Eagle board.
However both options crash Kicad (I will submit a bug report) and I wonder if there is a separate footprint importer.


Thanks. I already found that one and I am about to try it.

But I am actually still looking into the Kicad functionality.
So, I assume there is no separate footprint importer?

You can add the library that contains the footprint to the fp-lib-table (open the library manager in the footprint editors preference menu. Use the browse button to select the lib file on the file system.)

After that you can open the lib in the footprint editor and save the footprint in question to any other lib of your choice.

I had tried that already too.
The Eagle lib does show up in the list but without the footprints.

what is your kicad version? do you get any error message when adding the lib? can you share the lib? (might be a bug in the kicad eagle importer) Is your eagle file in the xml format or the old binary format? Only xml format is supported. (open the file with a text editor. If you can read something in it then it should be in xml format)

Kicad 5.0.1, Windows 7, 64-bit.
I do not get a warning message.
It is XML.

I can share the lib. How do I do that?

you should be able to drag and drop files into the answer field. (or use the upload button in the top toolbar)

However: version 5.0.1 has problems with eagle import so i guess this might be the reason for you. (This is announced in bold font on the download page of 5.0.1)

you could try the pre release for 5.0.2 as suggested here: [solved] Import Arduino Eagle project closes KiCAD

Ah. Missed a few things there.
Thanks for your help.

The information “only xml eagle” is very important !
I first tried my eagle V5 files and libraries and was very disappointed.
Saving my old PCBs in a newer eagle and then (!) importing them to KiCad worked like a charm (at least with KiCad 5.0)

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