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Hello everybody,
I am new to layout design in general and to KiCad in particular. My environment is Build (2013-07-07 BZR 4022)-stable under Vista.
a) Couldn’t figure out how to start a new topic
b) In my study case some difficulties puzzle me (as a new user I may not place a screenshot):

  1. Almost all pads on the GND net are marked as not connected despite the fact that they all are connected with a via going to the GND plane, which has a via connecting it to the GND pin on the board connector. Similar arrangement of the VCC connections obviously is good for DRC.
  2. Despite the general setting of Thermal Relief for pads connection, all GND vias appear without any connection to the plane (may explain the previous point), only one VCC via has a 4-way connection to the VCC plane, all the rest VCC vias are connected ‘solid’. The are no clearance openings around VCC vias on the GND plane even when via is necessarily going through the GND plane.
    Thanks for reading
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